Saturday, June 17, 2006

Just some new pictures

This shirt is from Chester's Harley Shop in Mesa, AZ. They sent this to me, so in turn I had a picture taken in front of AL Faw Palace on Camp Victory. This is the Palace I work in.

This is a little outpost or something on post. Not real sure what it was. Looks like they were in a defensive posture, just not very well concealed. Appearent from the burn marks and craters from probably 1000lb bombs.

Friday, April 14, 2006

Newst Edition

I am working on getting pics of the rest of us. It's kinda hard, cause when eht whistle blows at the end of the day, everybody tends to run for the hills. And I only see the day guys for about 20 minutes in the Morning, and same at night. But I am working on it. For now, here are some of the things I've added to my Beach Paradise.

This is the vew from my hammock. It hooks onto the Jersey Barrier, then onto the Rasco Basket. Which are the baskets filled with dirt you can see farther down the blog. Anyway, then I bring my computer outside, put on some Buffet or Marley, and relax.

This is my State Pride. Other's have put up flags, so I figured I'd follow.

This is my Easter Flamingo. Last month it was my Good Luck Flamingo, and I guess next month he'll turn into my Uncle Sam Flamingo.

The Palace is in the middle of a lake. As you go towards the Palace over the bridge, fish gather at the end. That's where everybody feeds'em. There's hundreds. Much like feeding time in a catfish pond. Some are upwards of 5 FEET!. They're all Carp. Fun to catch, but not very good eatin.

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fishing at Lost Lake

PFC McCrady

Me, SGT Stewart

Monday, February 27, 2006

My house after the Makeover.

These are a couple pics of my new home. It's the same place as below, but with some new additions. There is still some work to be done, but it's comin along pretty good. I got a whole lot of "your crazy" and "you'll never get it to work." Well, all I have to say is look at the crazy guy sittin in the shade. If you look at the ground, you can see the landscaping I have done. I moved about 500 or 600lbs of rock with an E-Tool so I could enjoy the shade with out sitting around in mud. We are planning a BBQ in a couple weeks, after I finish. There's still one thing I'm waitin on. You'll see it in a the upcoming weeks.
Hope ya'll have a good day.

My Tatoo

I got this in Dec. Just thought I'd show ya'll. It hurt like hell!!! The FIST is the symbol of my job. I am a FISTer. Fire Support Team, FST, FISTer. Starting to get the idea. I am not a Fireman, like it sounds. I am a Forward Observer. It's kinda like a Scout, but a scout goes out, looks at the bad guys, and lets the higher know about it, then moves out to the next target. FISTers go out, look at the bad guys, kills them with Artillery, then moves out to the next target. In theory that's what my job does. We can be attached to Infantry units, work in Colt teams, 4 people, or be used in the higher echelons as liaisons. This is what I do. That's about all I can talk about for now.

Trip to the IZ (International Zone)

I had to go the IZ the other day for a physical. On the way back, once we were back in a relatively safe place, I snapped a few pictures.

This is me on my way to the IZ.

Just a bldg that's destroyed.

Leaving the IZ.

Talk about some serious Gate Gaurds.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Pics of 1st month

This is my office.

My little peice of heaven.

Pfc McCrady and SFC Howell waiting in Kuwait.

A shot of trailer alley.

Me and SSG Selking on the bird to Baghdad.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

1st month in country.

Well I made it here to lovely Baghdad, Iraq. We got here at the start of the rainy season. That's great!!! We pretty much live in the middle of a lake. All the places they have made living areas, use to be farmland. So they were designed to hold water. Built in the low areas of the Palace grounds. We live in trailers, that aren't too bad. I could definately have it worse. And I kinda think I would rather have it that way, cause that would mean I was out doing the "fun" stuff. But the Lord decided to put me here. I work in a Palace. It's gigantic. Everything is made of marble. All different colors, everywhere. There are chandiliers everywhere too. The one in the main lobby is about 25' tall and about 15' across. It has marble colums that are about 5' thick 3 stories tall and go all around the main lobby. The palace in the middle of a lake, that Saddam use to fish in. There are smaller houses around the lake that are mabey 3 to 8000 sq'. And there's balconies all around the 3rd story you can look out over the lake on.
The Chow Hall's are amazing. There are 2, the Oasis, and the Coalition. They both serve the same stuff, ones just bigger than the other. We have steaks, lobster, crab legs, catfish, some local fish, and assorted veggies about once a week. There's a spagetti bar, taco bar, and salad bar everyday. There are fridges along the middle that have soft drinks, gatoraid, and neer beer everyday for free. There's a juice bar, that has REAL SWEET TEA everyday. There's a smoothie bar and even BASKIN ROBBINS in there that serves 3 times a day.
There is a Pizza Hut, Subway, and Green Bean Coffee house. The coffee place is open 24/7, wich is great for those coffee feins.
In about a month, I'll have internet in my room. Then I'll be able to start uploading pics. I'll have the before and after pics of my trailer. I live in Dodge City North, and it's pretty dreary there. If you know what Phoenix looks like, it's kinda like that. BROWN and gray. We have concrete bunkers between all the trailers, which gives it the brownish gray look. Not very upbeat. But I'm working to fix that in my little area. Pics to follow.
Well that's about it for now. Hope everybody has a great day.
For now, I'm out.
Glenn III

Sunday, January 01, 2006

Hazardous Material School, "Haz 12"

We went to school from Nov 27 to Dec 09 2005 to learn how to ship hazardous material. Not as big a deal as it sounds like. I stepped on a guys bag accidently and broke his ruler. He got mad as hell, and we told him he should've bought a plastic one, gave him a hard time for gettin upset. I ended up giving him mine so he would stop crying. Anyway, when he went to the bathroom, I splinted his ruler and used it for the rest of the week. We all got a big kick out of it, except for him. We stayed at the Gasthauf Hammer. The Pic with the 3 ladies are the only staff. Wonderful people. Had a great time there. The building was originally a Post office, built about 1000 years ago.

Logans Kareoke Bar

This is the bar we go to most Friday nights. Kareoke night. We get a kick out of putting songs in for other people, then watching their face when they have to sing My Ding a Ling, or Like a Virgin. Anyway, these are some pics from there.


My dad came to visit a few weeks ago. He got in, we hopped on a train and went to Berlin. Lot of fun, but he was only in town for 4 or 5 days. So it was kinda rushed. We stayed at a Holiday Inn in East Berlin. Got to see lots of neat things, the wall was the main thing. Great trip, but COLD AND WET, as you can see in the pics. It was great to see him.

Gettin Ready

We leave today. Sat around last night with some friends and played cards for New Years. Feel like I'm getting old, not going out and bar hopping. But it was good ot be with friends and take it easy. Don't want a hangover on my way to the desert. I have lots of pics to update, just no time to do it. For some reason this internet hook up won't let me upload anything. So I'll put'em up later. We're all ready to go, and we'll all be coming back pretty soon.
Talk to ya'll later......